Middle East Studies
Abby Linn

Abby Linn '15 focuses on environmental efforts at Rhode Island startup

Since graduation, Abby has been working in a range of fields with the goal of developing her operational and human resources  expertise. She has worked as a teacher and administrator in schools both domestically and internationally, as well as sales and educational technology. Currently, she has switched gears to focus on environmental efforts, and is the operations manager for a small startup called Grow Materials LLC based out of East Greenwich, RI. The company supplies high performance recycled plastic material to manufacturers globally, with the goal of increasing the amount of final products that are made out of recycled, rather than virgin, plastic. Currently, only 9% of plastic worldwide is recycled, and billions of pounds of plastic waste are thrown in landfills and oceans. Since its inception in 2014, Grow has helped to divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills, and ultimately hopes to change the way the world handles its plastic waste.