Watson Institute at Brown University
Development Studies

Declaring DS

How do I declare my DS concentration?

1. Complete the DS Concentration Worksheet. Visit Professor Geri Augusto during her office hours, to discuss your course plan and goals for concentrating in Development Studies.

2. Send a copy of your completed and signed Concentration Worksheet to Anita_Nester@brown.edu.

3. Log into ASK. Select Development Studies as your concentration and Professor Augusto as your advisor. Fill out the course plan, answer the short essay questions, and submit.

4. Anita Nester, Academic Program Manager, will approve your concentration declaration in the ASK system. If there are questions, she will contact you.

Sophomores must see the DS Program Advisor during the month preceding the final deadline for declaration of concentration. Students are encouraged to seek academic advice from other faculty associated with the concentration, but completed forms must be signed by Professor Augusto.