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Kevin DeJesus ─ Signifying Geographies, Mapping Violent Contestations: The Making of Symbolic Landscapes

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

12 p.m.

McKinney Conference Room

Lunch provided, please register at CMES@brown.edu.

Kevin DeJesus is an adjunct professor in social sciences at Johnson & Wales University.

DeJesus’s presentation centers on the myriad of political posters which were generated during the Lebanese civil war of 1976-1991. These posters, produced by the array of militias which fought each other ferociously during this long war, reveal a great deal about the role of cultural, historical and political dynamics of a society at war within. Particularly unique to the posters presented are the fascinating symbolic geographies on which the making of discursive meaning rests. The poster sample presented will include posters issued by both Lebanese leftist and rightist organizations and coalitions. As historical texts, these posters provide vital entry points into the discursive construction of war and grievance, injustice and memory, through the contested imaginings, and imaging, of nation.

Center for Middle East Studies