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The Illness of Gun Violence

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

7:30 p.m.

Barus and Holley 168

Moral Voices is a student-led initiative run through Brown RISD Hillel and focused this year on education, advocacy, and activism around gun violence prevention. Our panel will explore the intersections of mental health and gun violence. Panelists will speak to ways in which mental illness contributes to the epidemic of gun violence and how gun violence causes mental health burdens in communities The following panelists will speak to this bidirectional relationship: ​​Kathryn Seifert, PhD, one of the leading experts in the fields of multi-victim violence, bullying, trauma and mental health related violence in the United States, ​​Deborah Azrael, PhD, a public health and health policy researcher who's surveillance system has led to predictors of neighborhood violence and youth injury-related outcomes, and ​​Mike Weisser, PhD, a gun industry expert who has written prolifically about gun violence in the US.

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