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Paul Nelson ─ Global Development and Inequalities: A Human Rights Approach

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

3 p.m.

Joukowsky Forum

The Brown Journal of World Affairs is proud to present a talk by one of the contributors in the upcoming issue, Professor Paul Nelson. Professor Nelson is an Associate Professor and Director of the International Development Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Before joining the university in 1998, he worked as a policy analyst for several NGOs. His current research is focused on "Religious Institutions and Voices in International Development."

International development agencies and the professionals who work for them have long since abandoned the idea that economic growth alone would produce equitable development and end severe poverty.  Yet the experience of the Millennium Development Goals shows that even as aid reduces the absolute number of people suffering malnutrition or ill health, serious inequalities can remain and even grow sharper, both within societies and globally. In health and food security, a rigorous approach grounded in human rights  has the potential to reduce inequalities and improve the quality of humanitarian and development assistance