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Saumya Chakrabarti ─ Interrogating Inclusive Growth: Formal-Informal-Agriculture Relations in India

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2 p.m.

Birkelund Board Room

Please join us for a workshop featuring the work of BIARI Alum and Watson Visiting Fellow, Saumya Chakrabarti. Professor Chakrabarti will present and seek feedback on his forthcoming book:

"Interrogating Inclusive Growth: formal-informal-agriculture relations in India" (Oxford University Press).

Abstract: This monograph questions some of the crucial aspects of the projected processes of ‘inclusive growth’ and ‘structural transformation’ in India. The author formulates his critique from the perspective of the vast non-agricultural informal sector. He shows that, despite a consistently high growth rate of the economy driven by the formal sectors, most of the informality goes on existing as an excluded entity without that much improvement in its basic economic conditions. The questions are: Why can’t we have either an inclusion of the informality into the mainstream or, at least, a consistent improvement in its levels of living? Is it a failure of the formality, formal institutions and governance? Or, is it the very structure and dynamics of modern capital complemented by a variety of institutions and programmes of the State, that is reproducing, rearing, but excluding and simultaneously exploiting the informality? More about Saumya.

Your participation and comments are highly appreciated. Please direct questions to: saumya.chakrabarti@visva-bharati.ac.in

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