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Timothy Edgar ─ Beyond Snowden: Mass Surveillance in the Shadow of Trump

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Smith-Buonanno 106, 95 Cushing Street

Reception and book signing to follow.

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Join author and Watson Institute senior fellow Timothy Edgar for a discussion of his new book, Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA.

Civil liberties activist Timothy Edgar describes how he tried to make a difference by going inside America’s growing surveillance state as an intelligence official in his new book, Beyond Snowden. Edgar explains how Snowden’s leaks of top secret documents that to reforms that made the NSA more transparent, more accountable, more protective of privacy—and, contrary to conventional wisdom, actually strengthened the NSA by making it more effective. While the reforms implemented by the Obama administration were a good first step, much more needs to be done to prevent abuse. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 prompted fears among both civil libertarians and intelligence officials that a new president would abuse his national security powers. The United States leads the world in mass surveillance. In Beyond Snowden, Edgar explains how the United States can lead the world in surveillance reform.

Timothy H. Edgar defended privacy as an ACLU lawyer before going inside America’s growing surveillance state as an intelligence official in both the Bush and Obama administrations – a story he tells in Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance and the Struggle to Reform the NSA.  In 2013, Edgar left government to become a Senior Fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute and helped put together Brown’s  Executive Master in Cybersecurity. Edgar also serves on the advisory board of Virtru, an encryption software company. He is a contributing editor to Lawfare and his work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the GuardianForeign Affairs, and Wired. Edgar is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Dartmouth College.

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