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Following His Footsteps with the Wind – New Melodies Infused by Tradition

Friday, April 13, 2018

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

185 Waterman Street, Bert 130

This event is part of a multi-year project, Israel-Palestine:  Lands & Peoples.

A unique show of music and poetry:

(A'l I'kvotav Ba-ruah)

The composer and singer Esti Kenan Ofri presents a selection of her creations, displaying the uniquely intimate relationship with the Jewish-Sephardi musical tradition. Ofri studied with Salim a-Nur, one of the greatest Jewish composers of Iraq. She bases her instrumental melodies on Arabic classical music to which she adds vocal melodies using ancient and contemporary texts. Her ensemble is made up of other unique musicians and composers. The show includes a guest performance by the Palestinian actor-creator-director Akram Telawi.

Performed by very creative musicians dedicated to old Middle Eastern musical traditions:

Esti Kenan Ofri - composer, voice and percussion

Yarden Erez – oud, violin, voice

Yaniv Maisel – oud, Afghan rabab, saz, voice

Zeev Yaniv – percussion

Akram Telawi – special guest – Theater, opera, and film actor, director and creator

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Israel-Palestine Lecture Series