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Queer Korea at Brown: Gender, Health and Cultural Representation

Saturday, April 7, 2018

9:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Joukowsky Forum


Opening Remarks (9:30 am)

Panel One: Social and Behavioral Sciences (9:45-11:45 am)
Don Operario (Brown, Professor of Public Health), Chair
Todd Henry (UCSD, Associate Professor of History), “Neuropsychiatry as Area Studies: Han Tong-se (1930-1973) and the Diagnostics of Gender/Sexual ‘Deviance’ in Cold War South Korea”
Timothy Gitzen (UMinn, Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology), “The ‘Ghosting’ of Health: Queer Infections, Biosecurity, and HIV/AIDS in South Korea”
John (Song Pae) Cho (Sarah Lawrence College, Assistant Professor of Sociology), “The Luxury of Love: Loneliness and Other Queer Affects Among Korean Gay Men”
Horim Yi (Korea University, Ph.D. candidate, Health Policy), “Health Disparities Between LGB Adults and the General Population in South Korea: A Nationwide Cross-sectional Study”
Discussant: Alexis Dudden, (UConn, Professor of History)

- Break -

Panel Two: Humanities (12:45-2:45 pm)
Samuel Perry (Brown, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies), Chair
Allan Simpson (SOAS, Ph.D. candidate, Korean Literature), “‘The Queer Unwanted’ in the Age of HIV/AIDS and South Korean Activism”
Yeong Ran Kim (Brown, Ph.D. candidate, Theater and Performance Studies), “Scenes of Encounter: Representations of Queer Intimacy and Sociality in Korean Queer Cinema”
Jung Joon Lee (RISD, Assistant Professor of Photography), “For Military Use: The Queer Gaze and the Problematics of Bodies in ‘Military Photography’”
Kyunghee Eo (USC, Ph.D. candidate), “Politics of Purity: Theorizing Queer Virginity through No Ch’ŏnmyŏng’s ‘Deer’”
Discussant: Samuel Perry

- Break -

Readings of Queer and Transgender Literature (3:00-4:00 pm)
Featuring a reading by Korean novelist Bi Kim, undergraduate and faculty readings of queer Korean fiction in translation, followed by a Q&A session

Film Screening: “Weekends,” Dong-ha Lee, Director (7:00 pm, Smith-Buonanno Room 201)