Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Conference ─ Partitions: A Global Perspective

Friday, November 22 –
Saturday, November 23, 2019

McKinney Conference Room- 3rd Floor, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street

This conference is open for Brown University faculty and students only.   Registration is required.  Please register here.

This is the seventh event of the multi-year project on Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples, directed by Omer Bartov at the Watson Institute.

The overall scholarly objective of this workshop is to initiate an interdisciplinary academic dialogue between established and junior scholars who study partition from different angles. More specifically, the dual aims of the workshop are, first to read politics of separation and partition in a historical context and, second, to locate the history of partition in Palestine in a global, comparative perspective.

Panelists will examine the genesis of the idea of partition, the way it emerged as a political "solution" across widely divergent territories, the legal and political language that was used to codify and justify it, and the methods by which the theory of partition was executed and made into practice. Discussions will also examine reactions to or artistic representations of partition.