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Hack for Humanity - COVID-19 and the Next Pandemic: Improving Preparedness, Response, and Inclusivity

Saturday, March 20 –
Sunday, March 21, 2021

Register your team here

Organized by the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, Hack for Humanity is an annual humanitarian focused hackathon at Brown University that brings together students to learn about the most pressing needs in the human rights and humanitarian sphere and develop creative ideas for innovative programs or technologies that could help improve the lives of disaster and conflict affected communities around the world.

This year's hackathon will focus on how to better respond to pandemics and their associated far reaching societal impacts. Registered teams of students will work together virtually over the course of two days to develop creative ideas for innovative programs, systems, or technologies that could improve how we plan for and respond to pandemics.

Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies