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Sergejus Muravjovas — Booster Shots for Democracy: Lessons from the Eastern Frontier

Booster Shots for Democracy

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

McKinney Conference Room, 111 Thayer Street

In this talk, Sergejus Muravjovas will be sharing stories from his work with Transparency International in Lithuania and Central Eastern Europe, a region that has undergone rapid change over the past thirty years and now, once again borders the fault line between democracy and autocracy. Sergejus will offer a new paradigm and theory of change drawn from democratization and right-to-know initiatives in the region, maintaining that advances made in new European Union member states such as Lithuania over the past two decades offer valuable lessons and recipes for success for anyone interested in strengthening their democracy.

Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies

Sergejus Muravjovas is a Visiting Fellow at University of Pennsylvania. He is the CEO of Transparency International Lithuania, Chair of International Advisory Board of Access Info Europe, Founder of the Transparency School and has over 17 years of hands-on experience in the field of democratization and anti-corruption. Sergejus is interested in the behavioral, data-driven approach to social change, with a particular focus on proactive transparency, public engagement and right to know. He is a proponent of well-measured, targeted advocacy interventions that create long-term, sustainable incentives for change. Together with his colleagues, he has led numerous successful initiatives to increase government transparency and citizen engagement on local and national level. Sergejus is currently working on his PhD dissertation, which focuses on how environments we are exposed to affect our social norms and behaviors.