Brown University faculty with research interests in development:

* Joint with Watson Institute

Nitsan Chorev*, Sociology, (Director GPD)

Peter Andreas*, Political Science
Sarah Besky*, Anthropology
Robert Blair*, Political Science
Mark Blyth*, Political Science
Linda Cook, Political Science
Beshara Doumani, History
Peter Evans, Watson Institute
Andrew Foster, Economics
Lina Fruzzetti, Anthropology
Oded Galor, Economics
James Green, History
Matthew Gutmann, Anthropology
Patrick Heller*, Sociology
Paget Henry, Sociology
Jose Itzigsohn, Sociology
Michael Kennedy*, Sociology
Patsy Lewis, Watson Institute
David Lindstrom, Sociology
Richard Locke, Political Science
John Logan, Sociology
Glenn Loury, Economics
Catherine Lutz*, Anthropology
Sriniketh Nagavarapu, Economics
Louis Putterman, Economics
Timmons Roberts, Sociology
Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Sociology
Andrew Schrank, Sociology
Susan Short, Sociology
Bhrigupati Singh, Anthropology
Prerna Singh, Political Science
Daniel Smith, Anthropology
Richard Snyder*, Political Science
Bryce Steinberg, Watson Institute
Edward Steinfeld*, Political Science
Barbara Stallings, Economics
Leah VanWey, Sociology
Ashutosh Varshney, Political Science
David Weil, Economics
Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, Political Science
Michael White, Sociology
Vazira Zamindar, History

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