Hanlong Lu

Hanlong Lu is a professor at the Institute of Sociology at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). He is also a Chair of Sociology at the East China Normal University.

Lu received his college education in architecture from Tongji University. He joined the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences as a researcher through a nation-wide recruitment examination in 1980 when the Academy was reopened after China’s Cultural Revolution. He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Development Studies and the Director of the Institute of Sociology at SASS (1994-2009).

Lu has been Vice Chairman of China Sociological Society since 2005 and an appointed counselor to the Shanghai Municipal Government since 2006. He was an elected representative of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress (1993-2013).

Lu has been researching and teaching extensively at leading global universities, including visiting scholar at SUNY-Albany (1987-88), Duke University (1991-92), University of Minnesota (1993-94), Yale University (1997/2000/2004), Cornell University (1996/2007), and the Institute of Development Studies in the UK (2001). His expertise includes social development studies, social indictors, and life quality. He published widely on topics of income inequality and social stratification, urban and community studies, consumer culture, as well as NGOs. He is the editor-in-chief of Market Transition in China (SASS Press) and the Shanghai Social Development Annual Reports (2001-, SASS Press and CSSA Press).

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