Ines Fynn

Fall 2019 Inés Fynn is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the Universidad Católica de Chile. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Her research focuses on comparative politics, urban informality, citizen-state relations, access to citizenship, and socioeconomic inequality with a regional focus in Latin America. 

Inés is currently working on her dissertation, where she explores relationships among urban slums and the state. Specifically, she examines illegal ways through which slum dwellers access their fundamental social and civil rights in contexts of strong state capacity in South American countries.

Besides, Ines is a member of the Instituto Milenio Fundamentos de los Datos (IMFD), where she participates in a multidisciplinary research group that investigates the political incorporation of immigrants in Latin American countries. Particularly, the research focuses on how political parties and states segment their incorporation strategies depending on the immigrant group’s background and past political experience.

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