Kjeld Jakobsen has worked in Brazil as a consultant on international relations, development cooperation, and labor issues since the 1980s. He is currently International Adviser of the Worker’s Party Chair, and consultant for the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas. He has worked extensively with labor unions in Brazil, and was a member of the National Executive Board of the major Brazilian labor confederation Central Unica dos Trabalhadores, from 1991-2003. He has also worked on labor issues in the international realm, and was a member of the governing body of the International Labour Organization in 2002-03. Jakobsen was a co-founder of the Instituto para o Desenvolvimento da Cooperacao e Relacoes Internacionais, and has been its Chair since 2005; he also co-founded the Instituto Observatorio Social. He has a Master’s degree in political science and is currently a PhD student in International Relations at the Institute of International Relations at the Universidade do Estado de Sao Paulo.

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