Spring 2014 Matias Bruno is a sociologist from Buenos Aires University and holds an MA in social demography. His thesis, about labor trajectories and occupational mobility of Latino immigrants, was recognized by the United Nations Population Fund in Argentina (UNFPA) in 2010. He is a board research assistant at the Population Studies Center (CENEP-Argentina) and professor in the sociology department at San Martín University (Argentina). He has been a board member of the Population Studies Association of Argentina since 2011, and was a BIARI participant in 2013 at Brown University.
Matias has worked on several national and international research projects about such population-related topics as migration, labor market, reproductive health, and violence. Using photography as a research method, he published a visual essay about childcare in Esquivel, Faur and Jelin’s book, “Las lógicas del cuidado infantil. Entre las familias, el Estado y el Mercado” (UNICEF-UNFPA-IDES). His chapter about the population of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area will be published in 2014 in the Buenos Aires Encyclopedia, coordinated by Gabriel Kessler.

At the present, Matias is working on his dissertation project; he is a candidate for a doctoral degree in social sciences at the IDES-UNGS Postgraduate Program (Argentina). Since 2012, he has studied violent deaths among adolescents and youth in Argentina.

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