Natalia Del Cogliano

Fall 2012 Natalia holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires and is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the National University of San Martín’s School of Politics and Government, Argentina. In the summer of 2011 she participated in BIARI (Brown International Advanced Research Institute) and in February of 2012 was awarded a BIARI Alumni research initiative seed grant for a project entitled, “Federalism and Inequality in the Global South.” She is currently working on her dissertation project, entitled “ Political Parties and Rural Actors: Strategic Coordination of Political and Rural Elites in Argentina since the Conflict of 2008.” The project examines the processes of strategic entry of the representatives of the agricultural sector into the party lists for the elections of 2009, and their subsequent integration in the legislature at the three levels of government (national, provincial, and local). Such processes were a consequence of the conflict that arose between the powerful rural sector and the national government in 2008. She aims to learn the strategic linkages built between party elites and the members

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