Trina Vithayathil is Assistant Professor of Global Studies at Providence College. Her research interests are in social demography, urban studies, and political sociology. At Brown she worked on two research projects related to social and political processes in urban India. The first project (with Gayatri Singh) examined residential segregation in Indian cities; and the second one, which was the focus of her dissertation research, explored the politics of the 2011 Indian census. For her MA thesis, she examined below-replacement fertility in the Indian context. Before coming to Brown, she worked at Columbia University’s Program on Forced Migration and Health; the Public Affairs Centre in Bangalore; and the United States Geological Survey. She also taught as an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College in New York City. She holds a BA in geology from Carleton College, an MPP in political and economic development from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and an MA in sociology from Brown University.

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