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Photo of Urmila G. C.

Urmila G.C.

Urmila G.C.

Government Attorney, Office of Attorney General of Nepal

Urmila G.C., is a Government Attorney in the Office of Attorney General, Nepal. In this position, her work centers around human rights issues such as the monitoring of humane treatment of criminals in police custody, victim and witness protection during prosecution, and access to justice in marginalized communities. Growing up in Nepal, the Maoist Insurgency, in which millions of lives were affected, had a deep impact on Urmila and influenced her to pursue a career focusing on conflict, peace, development, and law. Urmila has dedicated her career to working to improve the standards of human rights in Nepal.

Previously, Urmila G.C. worked on a project as a representative of the Nepal Government to help the ex-combatants from the Maoist Insurgancy re-enter society as civilians. Her major task was to help the combatants who were minors and women. In this role she worked as an officer to evaluate if young rebels and women met criteria to join the National Army and if they were eligible for the “golden handshake,” a sum of money they would receive if they chose not to join the army and re-enter society as civilians. In her free time, Urmila loves being involved with the community and in activities that promote women leadership and community service.


  1. Urmila G.C. Transitional Justice In Post Conflict Peacebuilding: Nepalese Perspectives. Thesis submitted to Central Department of Law, Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University