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Justine Hastings

Justine Hastings

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Justine Hastings

Professor of Economics and International and Public Affairs

Areas of Interest: Public economics, education economics, household finance, behavioral economics, industrial organization and antitrust regulation, marketing, energy and environmental economics.


Justine Hastings is a professor of economics at Brown University and a research associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research, with program affiliations in Public Economics, Education Economics, Aging, Industrial Organization, and Environmental and Energy Economics, and she is an active participant in the Household Finance Working Group. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a co-editor of the Journal of Public Economics, and has served as a managing editor for the International Journal of Industrial Organization. She serves on the Academic Research Council for the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and on the Council of Economic Advisors to the Governor of Rhode Island.  She has served as an expert economist for state and federal agencies in matters related to antitrust, energy and environmental regulation. 

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Hastings’s research focuses on understanding consumer behavior and firm behavior and the implications both have for designing public policy. She studies how to design effective public policy, incorporating both the impacts on individuals and the responses of firms in the marketplace. She has studied issues related to primary and secondary school choice, privatization of social security, student loan markets, and the operation of energy markets. Her research employs big data and mixed-methods approaches which combine survey analysis, randomized controlled trials and technical estimation and simulation techniques. Her research often involves close collaboration with policy makers to use economics to design smart public policy.  


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“(Un)Informed College Choice: Evidence from Chile,” with  Christopher Neilson, Anely Ramirez, Philip Ross, Unika Shrestha and Seth Zimmerman. Forthcoming. Economics of Education Review.

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“Fungibility and Consumer Choice: Evidence from Commodity Price Shocks,” with Jesse Shapiro. Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2013. Lead Article and Editor’s Choice.

“Financial Literacy, Financial Education and Economic Outcomes,” with Brigitte C. Madrian and William L. Skimmyhorn. Annual Review of Economics. January 2013. 

“The First of the Month Effect: Consumer Behavior and Store Responses,” with Ebonya Washington. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. May 2010.

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“Information, School Choice and Academic Achievement: Evidence from Two Experiments,” with Jeffrey M. Weinstein. Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2008.



Graduate Public Economics, Graduate Industrial Organization, Education Economics Research, Public Policy: Data and Evaluation.