Watson Institute at Brown University
International and Public Affairs


This is a tentative list and subject to change.
This is the planned list for the semester.
There may be delays in getting all of the courses posted to C@B.

IAPA 0400The Tax State in Comparative Perspective (Fiscal Plumbing 101)Levitas
IAPA 0900How We CompeteSteinfeld
POLS 1020Politics of the Illicit Global EconomyAndreas
POLS 1435Politics of Climate ChangeColgan
SOC 1490Power, Knowledge, and JusticeKennedy
IAPA 1200Foundations of SecurityArreguín-Toft
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ECON 1430Economics of Social PolicyOster
IAPA 1401APublic Opinion SurveysCheibub
IAPA 1402Contemporary Caribbean (Beyond Sun, Sea, Land)Lewis
IAPA 1555The Political Economy of StrategyToprani/Dennis
IAPA 1700AProgram EvaluationSheldon
IAPA 1700DLaw and Public PolicyGabinet
IAPA 1700ENon Profit OrganizationsAllen
IAPA 1804Diplomacy, Crisis, and War in the Modern EraJost
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IAPA 1700BModes of Social Change Rosenberg
IAPA 1401APublic Opinion SurveysCheibub
IAPA 1500AEthnographic Research MethodsJusionyte
AFRI 1270Slavery, Democracy, and Racial Violence in the AmericasFerraro
ANTH 1911Gender Sexuality in the Middle EastAl-Ali
IAPA 1403Development's Visual ImaginariesAugsto
IAPA 1701GCultures of Surveillance: Tech, Terror and IdentityHashmi
IAPA 1701HIs World Peace Possible?Grinberg
IAPA 1701ISeeking RefugeArar
IAPA 1701JFamily Politics: Gender and the American Welfar StateLichtensein
IAPA 1804GCoercion: Deterrence and CompellencePauly
IAPA 1804LColonization& Decolonization in Comparative Perspective (Africa’s Colonization in Comparative Perspective)Koehler-Derrick 
IAPA 1804NDemocracy and CapitalismHeller
IAPA 1801CBrazillion DemocracyCheibub
IAPA 1801KFinancing Green TransitionsBlyth
IAPA 1802VDiplomacy, Economics & InfluenceBoucher
IAPA 1804BMegaprojects in the Global SouthSchrank
IAPA 1804EHealth Policy ChallengesHackey
IAPA 1804MOvercoming Threats to Human SecurityPolatty
IAPA 1810Democratization as MetaphorElliott
IAPA 1801LIndustrial Transformation, Technological GhangeYoung
INTL 1802MRwanda Yesterday and TodayKinzer