Watson Institute at Brown University
International and Public Affairs

Track Electives Master List

We are pleased to consider courses at the 1000+ level not listed on the IAPA electives list as potential electives to satisfy track elective requirements.  Though a few courses under the 1000 level appear on the IAPA electives list, these courses are primarily legacy electives from the prior 3 Watson concentrations (Policy, Development, and IR).  We have continued to count them as electives for IAPA while we sunset the old concentrations.  But, new elective courses need to be at the 1000+ level.

Course NoCourse TitleDevPol/GovSecurity
AFRI 0090An Introduction to Africana StudiesDEV
AFRI 0670Global Black RadicalismDEVSEC
AFRI 1020CThe Afro-Luso-Brazilian TriangleDEV
AFRI 1075Pvd Housing Ecosys, Devel, Displacement, and GentrificationPOL/GOV
AFRI 1100CRacial Slavery and Empire in an Age of Global CapitalDEV
AFRI 1210Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian PolityDEVPOL/GOV
AFRI 1270Slavery, Democracy, and Racial Violence in the AmericansPOL/GOV
AFRI 1920Health Inequality in Historical PerspectivePOL/GOV
AFRI 1930Race, Difference and Biomedical ResearchPOL/GOV
AMST 1905OReading and Righting Histories of ViolenceDEV
ANTH 0066DWho Owns the Past?DEV
ANTH 0066NPeoples and Cultures of Greater MexicoDEV
ANTH 0100Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyDEV
ANTH 0300Culture and HealthPOL/GOV
ANTH 0800Sound and Symbols: Introduction to Linguistic AnthropologyDEV
ANTH 1125Indigenous ArchaeologiesDEV
ANTH 1150Middle East in Anthropological PerspectiveDEVPOL/GOVSEC
ANTH 1242Bioethics and CulturePOL/GOV
ANTH 1301Anthropology of HomelessnessDEVPOL/GOV
ANTH 1315Race, Racialization, and HealthPOL/GOV
ANTH 1350Anthropology of EpidemicsPOL/GOV
ANTH 1601Reimagining Climate ChangePOL/GOV
ANTH 1911Gender and Sexuality in the Middle EastDEVPOL/GOV
ARCH 1538Heritage Under FireSEC
BIOL 1070Biotechnology and Global HealthDEVPOL/GOV
BIOL 1530Emergency Medical SystemsPOL/GOV
BIOL 1555Methods in Informatics and Data Science for HealthPOL/GOV
CLPS 1250Human FactorsPOL/GOV
CLPS 1271Cognition in the ClassroomPOL/GOV
CLPS 1720Human ResillienceSEC
CLPS 1750Blame and PunishmentPOL/GOV
CLPS 1770Stigma and PrejudicePOL/GOV
CSCI 1800Cybersecurity and International RelationsPOL/GOVSEC
CSCI 1805Computers, Freedom, and PrivacyPOL/GOVSEC
CSCI 1860Cybersecurity Law and PolicyPOL/GOVSEC
CSCI 1870Cybersecurity EthicsPOL/GOVSEC
CSCI 1951ICS for Social ChangePOL/GOV
EAST 0500Childhood and Culture in JapanDEV
EAST 0650Language, Culture, and Society: KoreaDEV
EAST 1270China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical DiscourseDEV
EAST 1950GMkt Econ, Pop Culture, and Mass Media in Contemporary ChinaDEV
ECON 0110Principles of EconomicsDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 0180EThe Economics of Higher EducationPOL/GOV
ECON 0510Development and the International EconomyDEV
ECON 1070Race, Crime, and Punishment in AmericaPOL/GOVSEC
ECON 1110Intermediate MicroeconomicsDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1130Intermediate Microeconomics (Mathematical)DEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1170Welfare Economics and Social Choice TheoryPOL/GOV
ECON 1200History of Economic ThoughtPOL/GOV
ECON 1210Intermediate MacroeconomicsDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1255Unemployment: Models and PoliciesPOL/GOV
ECON 1301/EDUC 1130Economics of Education IDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1310Labor EconomicsPOL/GOV
ECON 1340Economics of Global WarmingSEC
ECON 1350Environmental Economics and PolicyPOL/GOV
ECON 1370Race and Inequality in the United StatesDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1385Intergenerational Poverty in AmericaPOL/GOV
ECON 1400The Economics of Mass MediaPOL/GOV
ECON 1410Urban EconomicsPOL/GOV
ECON 1430The Economics of Social PolicyPOL/GOV
ECON 1486The Economic Analysis of Political BehaviorPOL/GOV
ECON 1500Current Global Macroeconomic ChallengesDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1510Economic DevelopmentDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1530Health, Hunger and the Household in Developing CountriesDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1540International TradeDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1550International FinanceDEVPOL/GOV
ECON 1560Economic GrowthDEV
ECON 1590The Economy of China Since 1949DEV
ECON 1630Mathematical Econometrics IPOL/GOV
EDUC 0100Controversies in Educational InequalityPOL/GOV
EDUC 1030Comparative EducationDEVPOL/GOV
EDUC 0830Sociology of EducationDEVPOL/GOV
EDUC 1060/0820Politics and Public EducationDEVPOL/GOV
EDUC 1110
Introductory Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis
EDUC 1225The American Teacher: How Policy Shapes the ProfessionPOL/GOV
EDUC 1300Schools as Sites of Social WelfarePOL/GOV
EDUC 1320Turning Hope Into ResultsPOL/GOV
EDUC 1490Discipline and Punish: Historical InsightsPOL/GOV
EDUC 1615Intro to Community-Based Participatory ResearchPOL/GOV
EDUC 1650Policy Implementation in EducationPOL/GOV
EDUC 1730American Higher Education in Historical ContextPOL/GOV
ENGL 0100Writing WarSEC
ENGL 1150FReporting Crime and JusticePOL/GOVSEC
ENGL 1761VThe Korean War in ColorSEC
ENGN 0020Transforming Society-Technology andChoices for the FuturePOL/GOV
ENGN 1931JSocial Impact of Emerging TechPOL/GOVSEC
ENVS 0110Humans, Nature, and the EnvironmentDEV
ENVS 0465Climate SolutionsPOL/GOV
ENVS 0490Environmental Science in a Changing WorldDEV
ENVS 0705Equity and the Environment: Movements, Scholarship, SolutionsDEV
ENVS 1350Environmental Economics and PolicyDEV
ENVS 1400Sustainable Design in the Built EnvironmentDEV
ENVS 1545The Theory and Practice of Sustainable InvestingDEV
ENVS 1547Finance and the EnvironmentPOL/GOV
ENVS 1552Science, Power and the Corruption of Environmental HealthPOL/GOV
ENVS 1555Urban Agriculture: The Importance of Localized Food SystemsDEVPOL/GOV
ENVS 1580Environmental Stewardship and Resilience in Urban SystemsDEVPOL/GOV
ENVS 1615Making Connections: The Environmental Policy ProcessDEVPOL/GOV
ENVS 1925Energy Policy and PoliticsDEVPOL/GOV
ETHN 1200bContemporary Indigenous Education in North AmericaPOL/GOV
ETHN 1750AImmigrant Social Movements: Bridging Theory and PracticeDEV
ETHN 1750UThe U.S.-Mexico Border and BorderlandsPOL/GOV
FREN 1410TL'expérience des réfugiés: déplacements, migrationsDEV
FREN 1410ULa France en guerreSEC
HIST 0150CLocked Up: A Global History of Prison and CaptivitySEC
HIST 0150DRefugees: A Twentieth-Century HistoryDEVSEC
HIST 0150IThe Making of the Modern WorldDEVSEC
HIST 0234Modern Latin AmericaDEV
HIST 0244Understanding the Middle East: 1800s to the PresentDEV
HIST 0245Middle Earth: A History of the Modern Middle EastDEV
HIST 0252The American Civil War in Global PerspectiveSEC
HIST 0285AModern Genocide and Other Crimes against HumanityPOL/GOVSEC
HIST 0580MThe Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824DEV
HIST 0770CWorld War II: A Global History from BelowSEC
HIST 1080Humanitarianism and Conflict in AfricaSEC
HIST 1120At China's EdgesDEV
HIST 1240APolitics of Violence in 20C EuropeSEC
HIST 1268BRussia in the Era of Reforms, Revolutions, and World WarsSEC
HIST 1320Rebel Island: Cuba, 1492-PresentDEV
HIST 1333The Mexican RevolutionDEVSEC
HIST 1445The Making of the Ottoman World, 15th - 20th CenturiesDEV
HIST 1502The Early RepublicPOL/GOV
HIST 1507American Politics and Culture Since 1945POL/GOV
HIST 1531Political Movements in 20th-Century AmericaPOL/GOV
HIST 1570American Legal and Constitutional HistoryPOL/GOV
HIST 1960SNorth African History: 1800 to PresentDEV
HIST 1965IThe Industrial Revolution in Europe
HIST 1968AApproaches to the Middle EastDEV
HIST 1969AIsrael-Palestine Lands and Peoples 1
HIST 1969CDebates in Middle Eastern HistoryDEV
HIST 1969DPalestine versus the PalestiniansSEC
HIST 1972I
Loss, Political Activism and Public Feelings: Between Fact and Affect
HIST 1972JRacial Capitalism and US Liberal EmpirePOL/GOV
HIST 1976D
Contested Histories of Colonial Indochina: Culture, Power, Change
HIST 1976NTopics in the History of Economic ThoughtPOL/GOV
HIST 1977IGender, Race, and Medicine in the AmericasDEVPOL/GOV
HIST 2971ELatin American HistoriographyDEV
HMAN 0800BThe Art of International RelationsSEC
IAPA 0300Costs of WarSEC
IAPA 1050Punishment and School DisciplinePOL/GOV
IAPA 1201ACybersecurity: Strategy & PolicyPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1203/IAPA 1801A History of American InterventionPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1204The Political Economy of StrategySEC
IAPA 1205International LawDEVPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1207Eco-EntrepreneurshipPOL/GOV
IAPA 1401Economic Development in Latin AmericaDEVPOL/GOV
IAPA 1401Public Opinion SurveysPOL/GOV
IAPA 1402Exploring Contemporary CaribbeanDEVPOL/GOV
IAPA 1403Development's Visual ImaginariesDEVPOL/GOV
IAPA 1404Economic Development of China & IndiaDEVPOL/GOV
IAPA 1555The Political Economy of StrategyDEVPOL/GOV
IAPA 1700Economics and Public PolicyPOL/GOV
IAPA 1700AProgram EvaluationPOL/GOV
IAPA 1700BModes of Social ChangePOL/GOV
IAPA 1700CPolitical CommunicationsPOL/GOV
IAPA 1700DLaw and Public PolicyPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1700ENon Profit OrganizationsPOL/GOV
IAPA 1701Drug War PoliticsDEVPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1801BDiplomacy, an Art That Isn't LostDEVPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1801EPrison Abolition as PolicyPOL/GOV
IAPA 1802MRwanda Past and PresentDEVPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1803Social EntrepreneurshipPOL/GOV
IAPA 1804Diplomacy, Crisis, War in the Modern EraPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1804BGlobal MegaprojectsPOL/GOV
IAPA 1804DLegal Methods for Public PolicyPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1804LColonization and DecolonizationPOL/GOV
IAPA 1804MOvercoming Threats to Human SecurityDEVPOL/GOVSEC
IAPA 1804NDemocracy and Capitalism in the Post-colonial WorldPOL/GOV
IAPA 2000Theory and Research in Development IDEVPOL/GOV
INTL 1010Borders and BodiesSEC
INTL 1030Policing, Imprisonment, and WarSEC
INTL 1221Sex & WarSEC
INTL 1802HBilateral and Multilateral Policy and DiplomacySEC
INTL 1803VRevolutions that Changed the WorldSEC
JUDS 1711History of the State of Israel: 1948 to the PresentDEV
MPA 2064The Corporation and Public PolicyPOL/GOV
PHIL 0390/0590Global JusticeDEV
PHIL 1560Philosophy of LawPOL/GOV
PHP 1070The Burden of Disease in Developing CountriesDEVPOL/GOV
PHP 1100Comparative Health Care SystemsDEVPOL/GOV
PHP 1520
Emergency Medical Systems: An Anatomy of Critical Performance
PHP 1610Tobacco, Disease and the IndustryPOL/GOV
PHP 1650Race, Racism, and HealthPOL/GOV
PHP 1680UIntersectionality and Health InequitiesPOL/GOV
PHP 1690Technology and Health Behavior ChangePOL/GOV
PHP 1700Current Topics in Environmental HealthPOL/GOV
PHP 1710Climate Change and Human HealthDEV
PHP 1802SHuman Security and Humanitarian ResponseSEC
PHP 1820Designing Education for Better Prisoner and Community HealthPOL/GOV
PHP 1854The Epidemiology and Control of Infectious DeseasesPOL/GOV
PHP 1920Social Determinants of HealthPOL/GOV
POBS 0620Mapping Portuguese-Speaking Cultures: Portugal and AfricaDEV
POLS 0200Introduction to Comparative PoliticsDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 0400Introduction to International PoliticsDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 0820VLand and ConflictDEV
POLS 1010Topics in American Constitutional LawPOL/GOV
POLS 1050Ethics and Public PolicyPOL/GOV
POLS 1085InjusticeSEC
POLS 1090PolarizedPoliticsPOL/GOV
POLS 1100U.S. CongressPOL/GOV
POLS 1120Campaigns and ElectionsPOL/GOV
POLS 1130The American PresidencyPOL/GOV
POLS 1140Public Opinion and American DemocracyPOL/GOV
POLS 1170Constitutional Law: Individual RightsPOL/GOV
POLS 1210Latin American PoliticsDEV
POLS 1225The Politics of Nuclear WeaponsPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1240Politics, Markets, and States in Developing CountriesDEV
POLS 1250Politics of European DemocraciesPOL/GOV
POLS 1265Political Institutions of East Asian DemocraciesDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1280Politics, Economy and Society in IndiaDEV
POLS 1290The Rise of ChinaDEVSEC
POLS 1295The Politics of Health and DiseaseDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1310Afircan American PoliticsPOL/GOV
POLS 1315Social Groups in AmericaPOL/GOV
POLS 1325Political Organizations and Social Change in AmericaPOL/GOV
POLS 1350Chinese Foreign PolicyDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1355Women in PoliticsDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1380Ethnic Politics and ConflictSEC
POLS 1390Global GovernanceDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1400North Atlantic Politics After the Cold WarSEC
POLS 1435Politics of Climate ChangePOL/GOV
POLS 1440Security, Governance and Development in AfricaDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1455Crime, Punishment, and PoliticsPOL/GOV
POLS 1500The International Law and Politics of Human RightsDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1560American Foreign PolicySEC
POLS 1730Politics of GlobalizationDEVSEC
POLS 1770Education, Inequality, and American DemocracyPOL/GOV
POLS 1820FBlack Protest: Theory and PraxisPOL/GOV
POLS 1820HContraband Capitalism: States and Illegal Global MarketsDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1820RExtralegal Governance and the Problem of Social OrderPOL/GOV
POLS 1820XDemocratic ErosionPOL/GOV
POLS 1821IIssues in Democratic TheoryPOL/GOV
POLS 1821NPolitical JournalismPOL/GOV
POLS 1822ANuclear Weapons and International PoliticsSEC
POLS 1822BFoundations of Political EconomySEC
POLS 1822IGeopolitics of Oil and EnergyDEVPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1822UWar and Human RightsSEC
POLS 1822XTechnology and International PoliticsPOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1823HPublic OpinionPOL/GOV
POLS 1823YGlobal GovernanceSEC
POLS 1823ZGender and Public PolicyDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1824CPolitical CommunicationPOL/GOV
POLS 1824GFarms, Fisheries, and PoliticsPOL/GOV
POLS 1824SPolitics of MigrationDEVSEC
POLS 1825EHealth Care Politics and PolicyDEVPOL/GOV
POLS 1825PPolitics of Ocean GovernancePOL/GOVSEC
POLS 1825QPolitical Development, Democracy, and Integration in EuropeDEVPOL/GOV
RELS 0036Love and War in IndiaSEC
RELS 0090MIslam, Violence and MediaSEC
RELS 0750Law and ReligionDEVSEC
RELS 0841Far-Right Religious TerrorismSEC
RELS 1610Sacred Sites: Law, Politics, ReligionDEVSEC
RUSS 1220Nationalism and NationalitiesSEC
SAST 0140Food, Religion and Politics in South AsiaDEV
SAST 0730Economic and Human Development in South AsiaDEV
SOC 0150Economic Development and Social ChangeDEV
SOC 1040World Population ProblemsPOL/GOV
SOC 1100Introductory Statistics for Social ResearchPOL/GOV
SOC 1120Market and Social SurveysPOL/GOV
SOC 1128Migrants, Refugees, and the MediterraneanDEVSEC
SOC 1270Race, Class, and Ethnicity in the Modern WorldDEVPOL/GOV
SOC 1320Progressive and Regressive Welfare StatesPOL/GOV
SOC 1330Remaking the CityDEVPOL/GOV
SOC 1490Power, Knowledge and JusticePOL/GOV
SOC 1620Globalization and Social ConflictDEVSEC
SOC 1870TTransportation: An Urban Planning PerspectiveDEVPOL/GOV
SOC 1871RKnowledge Networks and Global TransformationPOL/GOV
SOC 1871SLegacies of Inequality: The U.S. and BeyondPOL/GOV
SOC 1871xComparative Urban Political EconomyPOL/GOV
SOC 1872EGlobal SociologyDEV
SOC 1872PHealthcare Professions, Organizations, and MarketsPOL/GOV
SOC 1873FFeminist Perspectives in Criminal JusticePOL/GOV
SOC 1873GThe Geography of Urban InequalityDEVPOL/GOV
URBN 1000Fieldwork in the Urban CommunityPOL/GOV
URBN 1250The Political Foundations of the CityPOL/GOV
URBN 1270Urban Politics and Urban Public PolicyPOL/GOV
URBN 1870DDowntown DevelopmentDEV
URBN 1870JThe Politics of Community OrganizingDEV
URBN 1870MUrban Regimes in the American RepublicPOL/GOV
UNIV 1207Eco-EntrepreneurshipDEV