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International and Public Affairs


Gateway courses focus substantively on societal challenges that cut across global regions, and cut across the areas of development, security, and governance. All International and Public Affairs concentrators take at least one of these courses, preferably as First Years or Sophomores. Gateway courses introduce students to the type of multidisciplinary analysis that is employed throughout the concentration. These courses introduce students to the basic fundamentals of evidence-based argumentation, and the various styles of analysis that will be encountered throughout the students’ path through the concentration. These courses also emphasize the interaction between theory and practice in the analysis and resolution of societal challenges.

  • Gateway courses cannot be substituted with other courses offered through IAPA or through other concentrations.
  • Students select one Gateway course from the list of pre-approved Gateway courses.
  • Gateway courses are independent of track selection.
  • It is recommended to take the Gateway course prior to track foundational or elective courses.
  • Electives and seminars cannot be used to fulfill the Gateway course requirement.
  • Refer to the courses page for a current list of Gateway options.

Gateway Courses

IAPA 0300Costs of War
IAPA 0400The American Tax State
IAPA 0500Nationalism, Ethnicity, and the State
IAPA 0700Political Economy of Hard Policy Problems
IAPA XXXXThe Tax State in Comparative Perspective
INTL 0700Global Health, Humanitarianism, and Inequality
INTL 0900How We Compete
POLS 1020Politics of the Illicit Global Economy
POLS 1435Politics of Climate Change

SOC 1490

ECON 1000

Power, Knowledge, and Justice

Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems