Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations

For Faculty

You must have a Brown ID (and username/password) to access some of these resources. We can assign a sponsored ID for you if you need access before your official appointment start. Just send an email to Anita_Nester@brown.edu.


Review the academic calendar.
Visit the Registrar’s website to view and download the academic calendar.


Banner is the official system of record for the University Registrar.
Faculty use Banner to input grades, assign overrides, and access class lists.


Canvas is an online course management tool.
Use Canvas for posting course materials, videos, assignments, student blogs, announcements, etc. You are NOT required to set up a Canvas site for your course. Visit Canvas Course Tools to learn more and request a site. You will need your Brown username and password to request a Canvas site. Support for Canvas is provided by the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) itg@brown.edu.


Faculty can use the copy machines in Watson to copy and scan materials.
Graphic services has a strict copyright policy and will not photocopy or scan materials for posting to Canvas. Faculty are responsible for copying/scanning materials for this use. Unfortunately, there is no centralized Watson support for this function.


Book chapters and other materials can be copied, compiled, and sold to students.
This can be done through Brown’s Graphic Services or Allegra Printing.

You will be asked to:

1. Provide a complete Citation List for all articles in the order in which they are to be included in the course pack.

2. Provide a clean master.

3. Submit the form online, in person, by E-mail, or fax.


Students choose to take courses for a letter grade or S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit).
The Brown transcript records only full-letter grades of A, B or C (without plusses and minuses) or S (for Satisfactory). There is no grade of D, and failing grades are not recorded. All grades are entered using the Banner system.

All faculty are required to hold office hours.
The schedule is decided by the faculty member and posted to the IR website. The IR Program has an online appointment scheduler that faculty can use if they chose. Send an email to Anita_Nester@brown.edu if you’re interested.


Students register for courses during pre-registration the semester before and again during shopping period the first two weeks after classes begin.
Some students may just visit during those first two weeks, but faculty should be prepared to teach a full class. Class lists are available in Banner and Canvas, even during enrollment periods. Enrollment is live in Banner, the list in Canvas refreshes overnight. Enrollment in IR senior seminars is limited to 20 juniors, seniors and priority is given to IR seniors.


Use OCRA to place books and other physical media on reserve.
AND to create electronic reserves: links to ebooks and other online content, digitization of articles, book chapters, full-length movies, short video clips, and audio files. Links to reserves in all formats will be added to your Canvas site. Visit the activation page to request and reactivate reserves. Visit the OCRA page for more information.


Post a copy of your syllabus to courses.brown.edu
Go to courses.brown.edu to upload a copy of your syllabus for student access. This will automatically update Course Preview Pages and the Syllabus link in Banner. After logging in with your Brown username your course list will be populated. Simply follow the prompts to upload your syllabus. A copy will be automatically fed to Canvas and Banner.


Faculty order their own textbooks and desk copies.
Visit the Bookstore’s website to download the Course Material Form