Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations

Naval War College Internship

Internships with the Naval War College are only open to US Citizens.  All academic internships are volunteer experiences.  Regretfully, no funding is available.  Interns should have availability in their schedules to complete internships which we ask to consist of at least 100 hours of volunteer time.  We have found that 100 hours is enough time to make the internship meaningful to both student and the War College.


  • Students concentrating in International Relations, Development Studies, or Public Policy.
  • Student must have time in their schedule to devote to the internship. This means at least one full day or two half days per week.

Application Deadline: 11/25/16

To Apply: Log into UFUNDS

More Information: email Anita_Nester@brown.edu

Application Requirements:

1). Description of availability dates (approximate is fine).  Include an estimate of hours per week and whether you hope to intern mostly on the Naval War College campus or if you wish to do most research remotely. Transportation is not provided.

2). A resume.

3). A statement of interest, particularly specifying the types of research and other types of opportunities you would like for your internship. If known, mention the NWC professor you intend to work with.

4). A completed version of two agreement forms. Please send email to Anita_Nester@brown.edu to obtain copies of these forms. (For form 2793, please check off 'appropriated' and fill in those boxes)

5). An email or a letter granting you permission to become an intern from your college or university. This may be a simple one sentence email from your academic advisor or professor.

6). A transcript. This cannot be an online screen print. It can be an official transcript you have released to yourself. In other words you can collect a transcript for your records and make a copy or scan of it.