Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations


IR alumni are a vital resource for current students in the International Relations Program at Brown, particularly as students explore career opportunities.

There are many ways alumni can help. We welcome and appreciate every contribution. Reimbursement of travel expenses may be an option as are opportunities to participate virtually. If you would like to become involved please contact us at irprogram@brown.edu.

Opportunities for IR alumni to engage include:

Brown Degree Day Career Panels 
Talk to current students about your career with a small group of other IR alumni to give an overview of the field, provide a deeper understanding of the diverse work within a particular organization, or the path you took along the way.

Brown Bags
Meet informally over breakfast or lunch to discuss your career and provide feedback to a smaller group of students on their interest in your field.

Speak on a specific professional development topic or subject.

Informational Interviews
Meet one-on-one with students to talk more in depth about your career path and provide specific feedback on how a student's interest and background would fit into your field.

Employer Site Visits
Host a group of students at your place of employment. Arrange for them to meet with a group of alumni and human resources staff.

Rock Huang talking to students
Mr. Kang ("Rock") Huang '70 discusses career path options with a group of IR students.