Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations

IR Research and Internship Grant


Fall & Winter Break:    Rolling 
Spring & Summer:       March 31 (April 30 for students conducting thesis research)

Eligibility Undergraduate student concentrating in International Relations in good academic standing, and returning to study at Brown the following semester.
Contact Anita_Nester@brown.edu
Amount Up to $2,000, based on the proposed budget. Although the total budget of the project may exceed $2,000.

NOTE - Award payments may take upwards of 7-10 business days to process.


Awards that support academic-related activities for IR students—for example, senior thesis research, research related to independent work, conference participation, and internships.


    • Completed online application via UFUNDs which includes:
        • detailed budget (amount per week for food, transportation (type), housing (type))
        • resume
        • transcript
        • personal statement
        • faculty recommendation (for thesis, must be advisor)
        • supervisor statement, offer letter, and position description (required for internship)
        • proposal (required for thesis research)
    • For an internship application, the student must have secured an internship that is unpaid or pays $1,000 or less (includes salary, housing, and transportation).
    • If conducting interviews, provide the professional title of the interviewee AND indicate how, specifically, that individual is relevant to the thesis as well as stipulate that interviewees have been contacted and appointments have been scheduled.
    • If applying for funds to use archives, be specific about the type/name of archives as well as their relevance to the thesis or project and, stipulate knowledge that the archives are open and arrangements to visit have been made.

Students receiving an award must:

    • Reply that they accept the award.
    • Familiarize oneself with the IRB and HRPP guidelines for undergraduate work involving human subjects.
    • If travelling abroad, register Sojourn Abroad with the Office of International Programs.


All students are required to submit to the IR Program Manager the following:

    • 1-2 page reflective essay summarizing the experience.
    • Completed travel expense accounting form including copies of all receipts
    • 1-3 photographs that highlight the experience.
    • If the student is unable to travel and/or conduct research after the award has been distributed s/he will be required to return the award money in full.
    • If the original project was modified, an updated budget and travel expense accounting is required. Money not accounted for in the modified budget must be returned.
    • Due dates:    Feb 15 (fall/winter break work)      Sept 15 (spring/summer work)


2017-18 Helen Gerstenfeld "Shifting from an Extractive Growth Model to an Innovative Growth Model: A Comparison of Israel and Chile" (Israel)
Drashti Brahmbhatt "Detaching Conflict Resolution From the Nationa-State Paradigm: A Case Study of Mapuche Women" (Santiago, Chile)
Jack Morris Residential Response to Military Action (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2016-17 Eli Binder INTERNSHIP Political Section Intern with US Embassy (Sri Lanka and Maldives)
Eugenie Boury INTERNSHIP Political-Economic Affairs Section at US Consulate (Frankfurt, Germany)
Margot Cohen THESIS "The Language of Violence: Gender, Murder, and the Patriarchal State--A Feminist Case Study of Femicide in Chile, 2007-2017" (Santiago, Chile)
Heather Davis INTERNSHIP Joseph and Susan Edelman Intersnhip at International Crisis Group (New York, NY)
Isabel Guarini INTERNSHIP R & D intern at Ubuntu Pathways (New York, NY)
Anna Kramer INTERNSHIP BBC World News America (Washington, D.C.)
Sarah Leser INTERNSHIP Noujaim Films (New York, NY)
Jack Morris CAPSTONE RESEARCH Residential Response to Military Action (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Isabel Paolini INTERNSHIP The American Bar Association: Justice Defenders Program (Washington, D.C.)
Michelle Schein THESIS "Green Energy Resources in Iran and the MENA Region" (Amman, Jordan)
Amelie Vavrovsky THESIS "Welfare Regimes and Solidarity for Refugees and Migrants in Europe"  (Sweden, Austria, France)
Katarina Zivec INTERNSHIP National Council of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)
2015-16 Paula Martinez Gutierrez "Ongoing Drug Wars in China and Mexico: Causes for Militarized Strategies" (Beijing, China)
Sarah Stillman "Beyond (Physical) Borders: A Study of EU Involvement in Moroccan Nonprofits" (Rabat, Morocco)
2014-15 James Janison "Examining the International Political Economy of the Firm: The Dynamics of State Aggression in Georgian-Russian Trade 1996-2014" (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Aida Palma Carpio "Chinese “Paisanos” in Guadalajara, Mexico: Rethinking South-South Migration Flows" (Guadalajara, Mexico)
2013-14 Yelena Bide "Social Movements and Processes of Political Change: The Political Outcomes of the Chilean Student Movement, 2011-2015"  (Santiago, Chile)
Guo Jin Daryl Eng "International Institutions and State Leverage: IMF Program Design and Implementation in Argentina, 1991-2002" (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2012-13 Felice Feit "Crossing Borders: The Trans-nationality of North African Human Rights Movements" (Cairo, Eqypt) 
Youbin Kang "Fashion, Ethics, and Nationality: Explaining Cross-border Solidarity within the Garment Industry."  (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Justin Lee "The Cross-Strait Political Implications of Trade Agreements between Taiwan and China." (Taipei, China: Department of Public Finance at National Chengchi University and the Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)