Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations

Double Concentrators

Students may opt to concentrate in another field in addition to International Relations. Often this includes a field that overlaps in part with IR, such as one of the component disciplines (e.g., Economics, History), a language and literature department (e.g., French Studies, Italian Studies), or an area-focused concentration (e.g., Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies).

Double concentrations are permissible, but no more than two courses used to fulfill the requirements of another concentration may be applied to meet the requirements of International Relations. This includes study abroad courses.

Students are encouraged to consider seriously the tradeoffs associated with fulfilling the requirements of two concentrations: the ability to explore a wide range of courses outside the two concentrations, the demands of extra-curricular activities, limitations on course planning due to study abroad, and the time-constraints of an honors thesis senior year.

ECON-IR Double Concentrators

Students doing Economics and IR–Political Economy and Society have 4 overlaps (ECON 110 Principles, ECON 1110 Micro, ECON 1210 Macro, ECON 1620 Econometrics). Therefore, you must substitute 2 courses from the approved international economics, political economy, or research methods lists for 2 of the overlaps. All IR double-concentrators will fulfill a total of 14 courses + language.