Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations


Plan Ahead

The IR concentration is one of the largest at Brown. Students should begin the filing process early in the spring of sophomore year.

How to File IR

  1. Refer to the IR requirements page and then complete the 2-page IR Concentration Form. (See example.) Be sure to list a course for all 14 requirements plus language. Include courses you've already taken and those you wish to take to fulfill the requirements. Refer to the University Bulletin and the IR courses page for lists of IR track courses. Remember, this is a plan and is not set in stone.

  2. Schedule a meeting with Anita Nester, the Academic Program Manager, to review your course plan. Take with you a printed copies of your completed Concentration Form, Personal Statement, and Additional Academic Goals reponse from ASK. If you have questions about course content and/or coherence of your course plan outline, meet with one of the faculty track advisors or the concentration advisor before meeting with Anita. See advisors office hours.

  3. After meeting with Anita Nester, fill out and submit approved course plan and essays in ASK. Be sure to list all 14 courses (15 for Honors), all language courses, and apply the relevant course tags.  If there are errors in the course plan it will be returned for revisions.(See ASK course plan example.) Don't forget to hit "submit."

  4. Receive confirmation email from the ASK system. Concentration filing is not complete until you receive confirmation.  Be sure to check your email in-box! If you need to make a correction to your course plan you will need to resubmit.

Study Abroad Application and Declaring an IR Concentration

In order to receive preliminary IR approval for study abroad courses, you must first file your IR concentration. Alternatively, you can file IR and get study abroad approval at the same time. Bring the preliminary approval form from OIP to your meeting with the Program Manager.