Watson Institute at Brown University
International Relations

Research Methods

Most coursework for the IR concentration is done in the social sciences, which uses quantitative (formal modeling, computer analysis of quantitative data, and statistics) and qualitative (case studies, ethnographic studies, interviews) techniques of analysis. Concentrators must have basic literacy in social science research methods and skills in order to excel in courses required for the concentration. IR concentrators must satisfactorily complete one of the qualitative, quantitative, or combination (quantitative / qualitative) courses from the approved list below prior to senior year.

Courses that fulfill the IR Research Methods requirement

ANTH 1940 Ethnographic Research Methods

ANTH 1151 Ethnographies of the Muslim Middle East

APMA 0650 Essential Statistics

APMA 1650 Statistical Inference

CLPS 0900 Quantitative Methods in Psychology

ECON 1620 Introduction to Econometrics

ECON 1630 Econometrics I

EDUC 1100 Intro to Qualitative Research Methods

EDUC 1110 Intro Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis

HIST 1972E Word of Mouth: Orality and Memory in Historiography and documentary Film

PHP 1320 Survey Research in Health Care

PHP 1501 Essentials of Data Analysis

POLS 0500 Foundations of Political Analysis

POLS 1600 Political Research Methods

SOC 1020 Methods of Social Research

SOC 1050 Methods of Research in Organizations

SOC 1100 Intro Statistics For Social Research