Middle East Studies

Teaching in Tehran: Alumna Tiffany Zarabi-Aazam '13.5 pursues her passion for education in Iran, U.S.

After graduation, Tiffany joined the Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University as a research assistant on the Encyclopædia Iranica.  The experience led her to connect with her roots in Iran, where she travelled extensively and taught general and business English at the Aryanpour School of Culture and Education and Avid School of English for seven months.  Upon returning to the U.S., she pursued her idea to create a temperature-regulating headscarf for women, as an assistant product developer within the neckwear division at Collection XIIX.  Currently Tiffany is an instructor at Kumon and an associate teacher in-training at Christ Church Day School.  She is working towards her degree in Education Leadership and will join the Packer Collegiate Institute in the fall of 2017 as a fourth grade associate teacher.