Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Policy concentrators who delcared the concentration prior to fall 2015 can follow the old ("OLD") and new requirements.

Public Policy – "OLD" – 10 courses

A. Core Courses (5)

Introduction to Public Policy
PLCY 0100

Ethics and Public Policy
PLCY 1700 T (or POLS 1050)

ECON 1110 (or 1130 or EDUC 1130)

Research Methods
POLS 1600 (or EDUC 1110
or ECON 1620 or 1630 or SOC 1100)

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation
PLCY 1200 (or EDUC 1160)

B. Electives (5)

  • Two courses in American Institutions
  • Two courses in Public Policy Problems
  • One course in Global Policy

Two of the five elective courses must have a
primary listing in Public Policy and one of the
five must be designated as a writing course.