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Rose McDermott

Rose McDermott

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Rose McDermott

Director of Postdoctoral Program
David and Marianna Fisher University Professor of International Relations

Areas of Interest: International relations, American Foreign and Defense Policy, psychological aspects of decision-making, especially risk taking and emotion, gender, biological and genetic aspects of political attitudes and preferences, social identity, experiments, intelligence, cyber


I work on a wide variety of different topics. Current projects include a large series of survey experiments examining nine types of attitudes toward gender inequality in 18 countries. I am participating in several projects related to nuclear weapons and the stability of deterrence. I am also currently involved in a series of projects related to ethical considerations in implementing field experiments. More broadly, I work on topics including experimentation, gender, identity, intelligence, cybersecurity, the role of emotion in decision-making, and genetic contributions to political attitudes and behaviors. I currently serve as international relations editor for the American Journal of Political Science.


I work on a wide variety of different topics. Current projects include a large series of survey experiments examining attitudes toward gender inequality across multiple countries encompassing multiple topics.  I am also currently involved in a series of projects related to ethical considerations in implementing field experiments. I also work on topics including identity, intelligence, cybersecurity, genetic contributions to political attitudes and behaviors, and emotional aspects of decision-making.  


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INTL 0600

PLCY 2070  Decision Making

POLS  0400 Introduction to International Relations

POLS 1821P Political Psychology in International Relations

POLS 1821M War in Film and Literature

POLS 1823G Woman and War

POLS 1550 War and Politics

POLS 1560 American Foreign Policy

PLCY 2735 Women and Nations

POLS 2000 Strategies of Inquiry and Research Design