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Choices Program Students Go to the Capitol

March 19, 2010

Sen. Jack Reed at a past Capitol Forum Photo: Christopher Walsh

This coming week, Rhode Island high school students will discuss global issues with US Sen. Jack Reed, Rhode Island Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis, and other elected officials and civic leaders at the State House. Hundreds of high school students in Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Nebraska will hold similar sessions as part of the Choices Program's 12th annual Capitol Forum on America’s Future.

Students in the program study and discuss various positions on global issues – even advocating positions that are opposed to their own – to better understand options and their consequences.

Run on a statewide basis, the forums seek to raise awareness of critical international issues and to help develop a foundation for long-term civic engagement. Students debate the US role in international trade and the global economy, as well as other foreign policy issues, such as terrorism, immigration, nuclear proliferation, and the environment.