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Eckert Advises G8 on Terrorist Sanctions

March 15, 2010

Institute Senior Fellow Sue Eckert has seen “lots of discussion but not much visible progress” since the UN Security Council voted in December to reform its procedures for imposing sanctions on terrorists and rogue nations, she recently told policymakers preparing for the G8 Summit in June.

Eckert is co-author of a report titled Addressing Challenges to Targeted Sanctions, and she had helped UN officials and member states fashion new sanctions procedures in the face of law suits and parliamentary challenges.

Now, urgency is needed in implementing the reforms agreed in December, she told the Roma-Lyon Group, formed by the G8 in October 2001 to combat international terrorism.

Among steps that must be taken quickly at the UN are a complete review of persons listed as targets for sanctions and the appointment of an ombudsperson to ensure due process and preservation of individuals' rights. Eckert also called on member states to ensure full implementation of the reforms.

Failure to make progress will only continue to undermine the credibility of this important tool for counterterrorism, she said.

Over the years, Eckert and co-author Thomas J. Biersteker, an Institute adjunct professor, have worked closely with UN officials, member states, and representatives of the international banking industry in an ongoing collaboration on sanctions and on terrorist finances.