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IR Graduate Wins Fulbright in Jordan

June 8, 2010

Graduating international relations honors student Victoria Haddad-Salah ‘10 has received a Fulbright fellowship to continue her honors project in Jordan.

At Brown, she has also received the Anthony Riccio Prize in International Relations, awarded each year to a student who “has demonstrated an unquenchable curiosity about another part of the world, a commitment to the rigorous learning of a foreign language, an intrepid pursuit of study abroad, and a pride in her university and her country.”

Haddad-Salah’s time at Brown was focused on the Middle East, including eight semesters of Arabic language; study abroad at the University of Jordan, Amman; honors in IR; co-leadership of Common Ground: Justice and Equality of Palestine/Israel; and an internship at United Palestinian Appeal in Washington, DC.

The work she will pursue as a Fulbright fellow in Jordan is based on her honors thesis, “Defining the Borders of the Nation: Refugee Policy, Regime Security, and the Formation of National Identity in Jordan.” In the paper, she argues that variations in host countries’ refugee policies are not determined by standard policy formulas or legal obligations, but rather by these countries’ historical perceptions of security.