Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
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Publication Details Spring Accomplishments at Watson

June 1, 2010

Highlights of the Institute’s spring semester – from research on religion in internationalism, to collaboration on global financial reform, to the start of a new discussion of knowledge flows and their media – are featured in the recent issue of Watson’s Briefings newsletter.

Institute Director Michael D. Kennedy discussed how the work reflects the needs of our times. “We live in a world of growing complexity, in which problems and opportunities are increasingly defined by the global flows of knowledge, people, wealth, and weapons,” he said. Going forward, Watson will increasingly focus on how these flows perpetuate, create, and mitigate global inequality and insecurity. “This not only builds on Watson’s established expertise in these two critical areas," Kennedy added, "but moves it forward in ways that anticipate the policy needs of tomorrow. Today's cross-currents in religion and finance, for instance, fit into this much larger picture.”

Also in the May newsletter is a snapshot of Brown’s 2010 graduating classes in international relations and other academic concentrations based at the Institute.