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Science and Technology Class Connects with Global South

August 30, 2010

This fall, Brown's seminar on “Science and Technology Policy in the Global South” (PPAI 1701G) will expand its use of videoconferencing, blogging, and other media connecting students at the University with peers in classrooms in Brazil, India, and South Africa.

Watson Fellow Geri Augusto, who is also an adjunct associate professor of public policy, teaches the course for seniors and graduate students.

She described last fall’s experiment with media in a recent issue of STS Times: The Newsletter of the Science and Technology Studies Program. “Afterwards, the students in Brazil expressed a sense of validation that people outside of Brazil were aware of and interested in ideas of environmental justice, equality, and digital inclusion,” she said. “And Brown students felt that they had gained an invaluable perspective on what science means, and how it operates, in a pluralistic country in the Global South.”