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'Unknown Khrushchev' Published in Russia

April 23, 2010

Institute Senior Fellow Sergei Khrushchev returned Sunday from a 14-day book tour in Moscow for his new volume, Unknown Khrushchev: A History of his Reforms (Moscow: Vremya, April 2010, in Russian). The book tour included talks at such key forums as the Institute for International Relations, as well as several interviews in the press and guest appearances in the media.

Unknown Khrushchev describes Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev, the author’s father, and his policies from 1953-1964. “We know about Khrushchev’s foreign policy, military strategy, de-Stalinization … however, our knowledge about his economic ideas, struggles within the leadership, and transformation of society is fragmented and disorganized,” the author says.

Unknown Khrushchev was issued to fill this gap. It is part of a trilogy including new editions of the author’s previously published Khrushchev on Khrushchev and Nikita Khrushchev and the Creation of a Superpower, all in Russian.

A synopsis of Khrushchev’s new book is available here.

Various media appearances are also available online. They include:
• Vremya Novostey newspaper interview: www.vremya.ru/2010/56/13/250986.html
• Radio Svoboda reports and interviews:
•   www.svobodanews.ru/content/article/2003111.html?page=1&x=1#relatedInfoContainer
•  www.svobodanews.ru/content/article/2002682.html
•  www.svobodanews.ru/audio/audio/263312.html
• Interfax report:
• www.interfax.ru/txt.asp?id=130969&sec=1476&sw=%F5%F0%F3%F9%E5%E2&bd=8&bm=3&by=2010&ed=8&em=4&ey=2010&secid=0&mp=0&p=1
• Mir Istorii article: www.historia.ru/novosti/skhruschev.htm
• Rossiyskaya Gazeta interview: www.rg.ru/2010/04/05/hrushev.html
• Excerpt published in Reformator: www.rg.ru/2010/03/24/hrushev.html
• Radio Ekho Moskvy interview: www.echo.msk.ru/programs/hrushev/668837-echo/
• Radio Kul'tura: www.cultradio.ru/doc.html?id=348472&cid=46