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On Video: The Future of Progressive Politics

July 26, 2010

Two major Institute events during the past academic year gauged the future of progressive politics. Now on video, they feature former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and former Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer analyzing trends in the United States and Europe.

In one of the talks Lagos, who is a professor at large at Brown, applauded America’s new willingness to relinguish its role as policeman of the world – to lead by the power of example rather than the example of its power.

Gusenbauer, also a visiting professor at Watson, took the sentiment further. Transnational efforts to resolve issues of global significance have in fact signaled the beginning of a new age, he said. “I think the 21st century begins now… if we understand that in historic and programmatic terms for the first time we have an agenda for this 21st century… an agenda that is addressing the most ardent political and most ardent economic and social issues of mankind.”