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Blyth Asks: 'Should the Poor Insure the Rich?'

October 14, 2011

Mark Blyth

Institute Faculty Fellow Mark Blyth has one message amid recent Occupy Movement protests: The poor should not be the insurers of the rich. He has delivered this message in several settings.

Blyth dropped in on Occupy Boston protests on Friday, giving a lesson on economics to a section of the crowd that was temporarily renamed "Free School University," Reuters reports. The lesson, "Austerity Games and the Global Impacts of Wall Street," was described on Facebook as a lesson in "how Wall Street interests have hijacked the debates of crisis and debt in the US and across the globe and in so doing have duped publics into thinking that austerity is the route to recovery and growth. Nothing could be further from the truth."

He and other professors were part of the "Thinking Crisis: Thinking Change: a Teach-in on the Occupy Movement" at Brown on Wednesday.

He also gave a radio interview in Providence, on WPRO.