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Evans, Singh Join Watson Institute

September 20, 2011

The multidisciplinary research team at the Watson Institute has been joined this academic year by sociologist Peter B. Evans, as senior fellow, and anthropologist Bhrigupati Singh, as postdoctoral scholar in international studies.

Evans is best known for his work on the comparative political economy of development as exemplified by his book Embedded Autonomy: States and Industrial Transformation. His current work examines the role of the state and “counter-hegemonic globalization” with a focus on the role of the global labor movement. This fall semester, he will be participating in activities including a panel discussion on “Building Collective Capabilities via Transnational Virtual Networks.” He is professor emeritus in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Singh has published numerous articles on issues of religion, politics, and media, and is currently completing a book manuscript titled Gods and Grains: Political Theologies of Popular Hinduism, and co-editing a volume titled Anthropology and Philosophy: Affinities and Antagonisms. He has a PhD in anthropology from Johns Hopkins University.