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New Development Studies Prize Awarded

May 25, 2011

A new prize is being awarded by the Development Studies Program this year. The Anca Romantan Award for Development Research is dedicated to the memory of Anca Romantan (1975-2008).

A professor of international communication at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Anca received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and focused her research on media and society, cultures of protest, and political radicalism in developing countries.

Inspired by the intellectual tradition of Central Europe and the broader Francophone world, Anca was above all a humanist intellectual committed to using social science research to uncover both mechanisms of socio-cultural domination and the modes of emancipation from that domination. It is to this intellectual legacy that this award is dedicated.

Kirstin E. Krusell is the first recipient of the Romantan Award, for her studies and thesis on: “The International Politics of Heritage: Translating UNESCO in Brazil.”

Watch a video of Krusell’s thesis presentation below.