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Students Reflect on Cancun Climate Talks

May 3, 2011

Late last year, Brown students headed off to the global climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, and blogged what unfolded on the Intercambio Climatico, Brown University website, and Global Conversation.

Last month, the students reported their analysis of the talks at a recent conference on "Latin America and Climate Change: Regional Perspectives on a Global Problem." The outcomes they report in this video are both positive and negative. They see increased awareness of vulnerabilities and momentum in such areas as technology transfer - but also ongoing ambiguities and questions, in such areas as financing the adaptation to changes emerging in various parts of the world.

Ten Brown students and J. Timmons Roberts, director of Brown's Center for Environmental Studies, participated in Cancun. Their involvement in the Intercambio Climatico continues following the Cancun talks, which were part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, established in 1992 as an attempt to limit the man-made emissions that are contributing to global warming.