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VOA Features Cambodian Visiting Fellow Kho

April 13, 2011

Voice of America this month hosted Tararith Kho, Brown’s International Writers Project Fellow for 2010-11, on a call-in show in the Khmer language. There, he described his poetry, short fiction, and activism on behalf of education and social and political reform in Cambodia.
VOA also followed Kho on campus and covered the “Khmer Voices Rising: An International Freedom-to-Write Literary Festival” in March.

In his April broadcast, Kho told a Cambodian fable and underscored its political meaning. The story is about a hungry rabbit who plays dead so that a woman will put him in a basket of bananas she carries on her head. Once the rabbit has eaten all the bananas, he jumps from the basket and disappears into the forest. Kho added his own commentary, telling listeners that politicans are as tricky as that rabbit, so voters must be smart when electing officials.