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Glenn Loury participates in anti-poverty forum

July 15, 2015 C-SPAN2

What are the root causes of poverty in the United States, and what are the best approaches to eradication? What are the most effective roles for academics, policy makers and community leaders in this effort?

Earlier this week, Glenn Loury, Watson Faculty Fellow and Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences, participated in an anti-poverty forum to deliberate these and other challenging issues. The event, convened in Washington, DC by the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE), brought community and thought leaders together to discuss the power of local, grassroots activists in the fight against poverty.  

According to event organizers, the purpose of the forum was to showcase “true anti-poverty warriors—transformative community and faith leaders that are demonstrating their ability to facilitate the redemption of people labeled hopeless by traditional professional service providers.”

CNE brought leading academic scholars, like Loury, together with policy makers and community activists to foster a better understanding of the work community and faith leaders do, as well as the effects of this work on communities and on  public policy. In addition to Loury, Clarence Page, William Schambra, Yuval Levin and Gerald Robinson participated in the event.

Loury reported that a recurring theme emanating from discussions was that, "Big government solutions don't work. But, community-based activists who know what's going on -- on the ground -- are transforming lives all over this country, even as we speak ...”

The event was covered by C-SPAN2   

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