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Watson Director Richard Locke comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

May 11, 2015 The Christian Science Monitor

Reuters 5/7:

Richard Locke, director of the Watson Institute, comments on the improvements to working conditions in Asian factories made by Nike over the years, a company once reviled for using sweatshops to make its sneakers. President Obama is pitching the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal he promises will protect workers, at Nike headquarters on Friday.

"Obama puts Nike in trade spotlight despite sweatshop stigma of past" - Reuters

Christian Science Monitor 5/11:

Watson Institute Director Richard Locke comments on President Obama's visit Friday to Nike headquarters to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Locke says that while it's surprising he chose Nike given its past reputation for poor labor conditions, it also represents the potential for companies to reform.

"How Nike came to embody the good and bad of Obama's free-trade push" - The Christian Science Monitor