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Washington's Broken Civil Discourse Muddies Our Foreign Policy

February 24, 2016 Real Clear World

Chas Freeman on Real Clear World, "Our global standing has been diminished not just by the rise of others and the estrangement of allies, but by structural changes in our economy and disinvestment in education and research. We are becoming less competitive. Social mobility in America now compares unfavorably with that in other industrialized democracies."

"Washington's Broken Civil Discourse Muddies Our Foreign Policy" by Chas Freeman - Real Clear World

Chas Freeman recently held a three part lecture series hosted by Watson on the state of American foreign policy. Learn more about these talks and his research:

The Crumbling of the Pax Americana - Part 1

Full Text     Video (short)     Video (full)

The United States in the New World Disorder - Part 2

Full Text     Video (short)     Video (full)

Recovering Diplomatic Agility - Part 3

Full Text     Video (short)     Video (full)

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