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Public debate on Human Trafficking awareness campaigns

January 11, 2017 Open Democracy

On Wednesday, January 11th, Watson Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Elena Shih and Dr. Joel Quirk from the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) will convene a public debate on Human Trafficking awareness campaigns. Shih and Quirk are Editors of the Beyond Trafficking and Slavery section of openDemocracy.net, a London-based global digital commons with over nine million readers. 

The debate will kick off an important public dialogue between civil society activists and government officials regarding the strengths and weaknesses of strategies for raising awareness of human trafficking. While these campaigns increase public awareness, there are also growing concerns that too many of anti-trafficking campaigns provide inaccurate and unhelpful pictures of the core issues at stake. How much do these kinds of problems matter? Campaigns to raise public awareness may have their flaws, but aren’t these flaws forgivable when campaigns seek to advance a worthy cause?

Follow the debate responses and read the full press release.

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